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Monday, October 31, 2011

Rob & Kristen

This was a slightly unusual wedding for several reasons. The first is that Rob is my wife's younger brother. I've photographed weddings for friends before, but not for family. I was not originally intended to be the photographer - sometimes it's nice to be a guest - but when Hurricane Irene threatened to rain (and blow) out their beach wedding on its long-scheduled date (which it certainly would have done), the date was quickly shifted from Saturday to Friday and, with their original photographer being unable to accommodate the new day, I became the de facto documentarian. It was a small and quick ceremony in Yorktown, Virginia, but beautiful and extremely heart-felt. As everyone scrambled to get out of town before the storm hit, I drove the opposite direction and rode it out, on assignment, in Virginia Beach. From weddings to hurricanes in the span of 12 hours - something tells me that's not even the last time that will happen in my career.


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