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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jim & Nancianne

I met up with Jim and Nancianne on a gorgeous afternoon last week at the tidal basin during the short window when the famous cherry blossoms here in DC are in full bloom to do some engagement pictures. This is, to some degree, a bit of a cliche for photos of any kind, and every single person with a camera was there snapping away - not to mention the several other wedding photographers we saw making engagement pictures with their own happy couples. Cliche or not, it is a seriously beautiful setting for pictures, and I am really happy with the way the pictures turned out. It helped a lot that Jim and Nancianne were super easy to work with. They were relaxed in front of the camera, not afraid to take a few risks, and just had fun, which means I had fun too. Plus they looked great! I can't wait for the wedding day.


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