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Friday, July 17, 2009

David & Samina

I met Samina a few months ago at an event I photographed. I gave her my card and thankfully she held on to it, because she realized only a few weeks before her late-June wedding that she and David had not booked a photographer. I happened to be available and there was something about them that made me want to give them a deal. First, they are head over heels for each other - just look at the bliss in Samina's eyes in the bottom photo. Second, their story is interesting. Samina's family is from Pakistan, with many of her relatives still living in (and traveling from) Islamabad. She is Muslim, and David converted to Islam in order to marry her. They had an official wedding ceremony at the Islamic Center here in DC, and then a more traditional/Western ceremony and reception the following day, topped off with a raucus party at L'Enfant Cafe. It was the kind of wedding I felt privileged to be a part of because it was clearly the best day of both their lives.


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